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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Fur is Dead Poster, 2007 April 12, 2010

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This poster demonstrates excellent use of ethos and pathos. Kate Ford is promoting the advocacy group. She is a British model and actress, which makes the audience think this must be important. The color red dominates the poster and symbolizes blood. Kate’s expression shows anger and disgust of what people do to get rabbits fur. The text is effective by saying “Try telling him its just a bit of fur trim.” This can hit people’s emotions and have them think twice about buying anything made of fur.


Choosing a Subject or Focus March 24, 2010

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I think it’s really interesting that when we write or even talk about something that interests us, we don’t freak out about what to write next. Our ideas just flow from us. On the contrast, writing about the history of grass may seem like Chinese water torture for most people.

When choosing a topic for a project, dig further within the subject. If you  choose too much of a general idea, it would take you forever to complete. Knowing the reason and purpose is important as well. This is known as the thesis statement and it is used to “sum up” what it is you are writing.


Examining Media February 3, 2010

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We are bombarded by the media day-in and day-out. The mediums in which we experience it ranges from a magazine article to a motion picture. Each medium can convey a different audience or response even though they may be about the same subject. Language is the most common medium we use to communicate. The article talks about how the type of voice, tone, word choice, formality, technicality, and figures of speech influence the character in any document.


Burning Love Draft 3 January 31, 2010

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The third draft has developed some more. She came up with two new crots about a friend named Matt and a trial with a stalker named David. The theme of her paper becomes more pronounced. Things are starting to connect and tie together. One thing I really like about her writing is that she is very clear-cut. She writes straight to the point. However, there are still some missing descriptions in some


Baby, You Mean The War of Warcraft To Me January 27, 2010

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I found this article by Kevin Spivey comical. Though, I did not understand much of the World if Warcraft references, I saw that a lot of people really do think this way to a certain extent. They surround their lives and thoughts around the game.


Does Virtual Reality Really Need A Sheriff?

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Alan Sipress explains that there have been several incidents in virtual reality games, such as Second life, of crime. To be honest, I like to let out some aggression playing violent, “free play” video games. For example, The Sims, Grand Theft Auto, and even Harry Potter. Sometimes it is entertaining to watch what happens when you launch your car in the air and land on a house. However, there is a fine line between imagination/ expressing yourself and just plain sick. Yes, they are violent and crude, but people have gone as far as recreating rape. I believe that as far as forced sexual acts and child pornography should not be re-enacted, even if it is “fantasy”. There should be some restrictions on these virtual reality games. Even though there are no consequences when you play, someone may be lead to believe that they would be able to get away with things in real life.


Places We Inhabit January 20, 2010

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I would say the place I have the most memories is at home. I’m not ashamed to say I have a bad case of homesickness right now, but I do my best to cope. This reading is about all the places we have or currently inhabit and are a part of.

The first excerpt is Our Sprawling, Supersize Utopia by David Brooks. He writes about people moving out to suburbia. He describes the type, class, and stereotypes of people you can find throughout towns. Nowadays, you can find ‘strange’ people not only in downtown or slum areas, but also right across the street from your clean-cut lawn. We all work hard everyday to paint the perfect picture of each of our own lives.

I really enjoyed reading My Ghost Town: A Vanishing Personal History by Jenny Attiyeh. Jenny and her grandfather would camp out in an adobe house in Utah when she was young. 30 years later, she finds the house “dying”. It was covered in graffiti, falling apart, and being invaded by teenagers. She didn’t realize how much she took for granted about the house and town. She still claims the house belongs to her. I can relate to this when I moved out of my old house about seven years ago. I feel heartbroken every time I pass-by it, seeing different cars parked in the front, changes in the landscaping, and new decorations. I always wish I could go inside and take one more look. To this day, I too still call it MY house.

The Comfy Chair Revolution by Glenn Reynolds was a very entertaining piece. He writes about how people are literally hooked to technology these days. We have become so dependent on it that we can barely survive a single day if our cell phone runs out of battery.

The last piece, Where the Avatars Roam by Michael Gerson, gave me some insight on how some people find different identities. I can understand to some extent why these people choose to live a “Second Life” through online virtual worlds. They want an escape from reality to be someone they are not or would like to be for a few hours. It amazed me how many smaller communities there are in every corner of the world.