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Gallery: Representations of Identity March 31, 2010

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Dorothea Lange, Drought Refugees Camping by the Roadside, 1936

This photograph was taken during the roughest times in America. Having the color tones set to black and white alone give the image a “dirtier” feel. The mother holding her child has a look of despair and desperation. She is also no looking at the camera, only to whats beyond. On the other hand, the man is slouched on the table looking straight at the camera. He expresses the sense of lost hope and giving up.

Pepsi Advertisement Featuring David Beckham, 2004

The ad for Pepsi shows soccer player David Beckham in leather armor with a Pepsi logo and holding a brown hand made soccer ball. The lighting is set to cast a shadow on Beckham’s right side giving him an even more grimacing expression. On the bottom right, the ad says, “Let battle commence” and “Dare for More”. All of these feature gives the notion that if you drink Pepsi, you will be a warrior and risky to challenge.

Jim Borgman, I Want to Be…, 1998

Jim’s cartoon depicts how society has lead young girls to think they have to look a certain way to be seen as beautiful. The age when these thoughts are appearing gets lower each year.

Love Me Tender Movie Poster 1956

The movie poster predominately advertises that Elvis Presley will be featured. His drawing takes up the majority of the poster, while everyone else is about two thirds smaller. So of the King of Rock and Roll is in the movie, it must be good right?

Judy Syfers-Brady, “Why I Want a Wife”, 1971

The essay points out all of the expectations that many men have/had for their wives. They basically took care of anything and everything that needed or wanted to be done. In the meantime, the men did as they pleased and got whatever they wanted.

Razanne Doll and Muslim Girl, 2003

This Muslim girl and doll would be a culture shock to most American girls. The usually see a blonde doll dressed in a bikini with toned muscles and enhanced feature. This girl is adoring her fully clothed, “average” looking doll.

Edward Hopper, Nighthawks, 1942

I love to go to diners. I always feel welcomed and have a good time at them. This diner shows a couple


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