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Gallery: Messages In The Media February 24, 2010

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Got Milk?, 2004: Oh yea, he’s a hottie! BMX bicyclist Dave Mirra is advertising milk. The intention is to have more people drink milk for health and strong bones. Using Mirra as a spokesperson is a great way to get active teens attentions. Young boys can see this and think “This will make me indestructible too.”

Crowd Gathered Around an Outdoor TV Set in India, 1996: When I looked at this picture, I saw how much we take for granted. Even though I don’t watch TV often, I can still watch it whenever I want. These people gather together to enjoy television and take part in each other’s company.

CNN/YouTube Democratic Presidential Debate, 2007: This got me thinking: Pretty soon, we are going to have to get out of bed because everything will be done online.

Personality Identification Playing Cards, U.S. Army, 2003: These are very clever. Soldiers could be playing a simple game of Go Fish when out of the blue, Abdul Rahman Yasin shows up. But wait is it really him? Let me check the cards. It is! Shoot him down boys!

Lewis Hine, Girl Worker in Cotton Mill, 1908: This is a fascinating picture. It shows the intricacies of a cotton mill but at the same time, the crudeness of child labor.

Philip Greenberg, Viagra Model Car: NASCAR isn’t my cup of tea. I don’t understand the point of driving 200 miles per hour around a round track 200 times. However, NASCAR has advertisements galore.

Human Rights Watch Web Site, 2008: With the Internet, we are completely connected and have access to great amounts of information.

Princess Mononoke Still, 1997: I love seeing movies and books in “classic” cartoon style. I think it gives it a more artistic and authentic character. Though I’m not a big fan of anime, I believe it is a form of literacy.

All of these pictures attract a certain group of people, each with a different purpose.


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