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Understanding Purpose February 16, 2010

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It is difficult to fully understand a text when you cannot figure out its purpose. There are three general purposes, which are: inform and analyze, persuade, and teach and delight. The first poem is mostly used in the academic and professional worlds. They are used to inform people. Some sort of analysis usually follows it. Text that is informative needs to be clear, organized, accurate, and verifiable. The second form, persuasive, makes disputable claims. They use appeals with logos (evidence, testimony, and good reasons), ethos (good character portrayal of the subject), and pathos (emotions). Persuasive texts use any type of stimuli to convince their audience. Finally, text that teaches but also entertains usually falls into the category of literature and fine arts.

I don’t usually stop and think about the concrete purpose of what I’m writing. Most of the time I just dive into it. I think this will help the strength of my papers.


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