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Crot Remediation February 13, 2010

Filed under: Invention — AmiRizo @ 8:26 PM

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4 Responses to “Crot Remediation”

  1. msinicrope Says:

    I’m extremely impressed with your remediation project! You made it look so easy to do something other than the generic power point that I did. I really liked your Harry Potter section, it was quite unique! Did you make that list or find it online?! I also enjoyed the picture of you and your band mates. Your “Unforgettable First” section had the absolute cutest picture ever!! Great job on your prezi!!

    • bbyfield Says:

      You did a great job on your Prezi. It was difficult for me to get used to it, but I finally got through the whole thing. I enjoyed looking at all of your pictures. I love looking and learning more about other people. I especially liked the pictures of your family. It looks like you are close with your family 🙂 That is great. It was a great presentation!!

    • jroutlaw Says:

      Really good work! You made excellent use of photos in your remediation. It looks like you’ve had a very eventful life. I forgot how visually stimulating prezis are. I may make one if we’re given another remediation project.

  2. cln09 Says:

    Wow, your remediation looks so good! I used Movie Maker and had a lot of trouble with downloading files. Your ideas really flow nicely, and I like format you presented it in. The bits used from your paper ties perfectly in with the photos.

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