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Crot 1 January 19, 2010

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Kindergarten: Swimming Day

It was a beautiful summer day. A bright sun shone and a cool breeze to dry any accumulating perspiration. All of the sprinklers had been turned on and there were five different Slip ‘n’ Slides to try out. Only the kindergarten kids were allowed this privilege. We each were being supervised by one of our parents, so I had the concerning presence of my mom who lathered me up in sunscreen. I told her I was fine once she got a nice white layer on me. I wanted to look my best in my favorite, Nala from The Lion King, bathing suit. Running along through the wilderness of youngsters, I saw him. There he was playing with his buddies. His blonde hair and cute boyish features stunned me. He was wearing bright red trunks and sporting a Nerf  Water Gun. His name was Benjamin Otero. He walked by me and sayed “Hi, Amanda”. I responded back, realizing I had become slightly light-headed. I soon meet up to my mom again and simply told her, “Mom, Benjamin Otero is a hunk in a trunk!”


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