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Reflect on Workshop 1 January 18, 2010

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Compared to last semester’s workshopping in ENC1101, this has been a better experience for me. I was used to bringing three copies of each draft and having to read them aloud to my group. This not only used up a lot of ink and paper, it was also mindless effort for the other students. They mostly sat there and daydreamed. When it was time to give constructive comments, it usually was just a couple of grammatical things to fix. This was no help at all. I was left to figure out what the extra punch my papers needed. This time I was given positive feedback as well as some things the readers what to know more about. Being able to read other students papers on my own helped as well. It’s much easier finding the direction to take the paper.


One Response to “Reflect on Workshop 1”

  1. danahws Says:

    Your right, Enc 1102 has a better system with workshopping. I didn’t like wasting my ink and paper either and I feel the conferences in Enc 1102 are more effective too. I’m sorry that your prior classmates fixed grammatical things and I hope that your classmates now dig deeper into editing your paper.

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