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Love Burns-Draft 2 January 17, 2010

Filed under: Reading Response — AmiRizo @ 6:16 PM

The second draft now begins with the title “Men In My Life”. Stefani seemed to have decided on the theme for her paper. There are still many errors and incomplete thoughts, but compared to the first draft, the stories are starting to come together. She also included some quotes and more detailed descriptions. I’m looking forward to seeing how the next draft turns out.


2 Responses to “Love Burns-Draft 2”

  1. msinicrope Says:

    Clever, I didn’t even think about how she had created a theme to help her paper flow. Since her paper always seemed to have a common theme of men, even from the first draft, it was most likely easier for her to decide to claim that as her theme. But since our crots are much more chaotic in nature, due to their randomness with it’s only connection being communties of your life, I feel like it’s going to be a tad harder for us to come up with a common theme for our papers than it was for Stefani.

  2. danahws Says:

    I didn’t notice the new title in the second draft, good observation. I agree she decided on a theme but I was not able to determine what theme she has. I agree with you, I like her descriptive nature in the second draft. I saw a common topic of family and friends. Good observations.

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