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Love Burns-Draft 1 January 16, 2010

Filed under: Reading Response — AmiRizo @ 12:47 PM

Wow, this really was a shitty first draft. When I read Stefani Mead’s draft for the first time, I had no idea where the story line was going. The purpose of each paragraph seems to not make any sense or follow a chronological frame. There were a lot of excessive words repetitive phrases, and grammatical errors. I would probably be extremely self-conscience turning a draft like this in or having someone read it. For all of my papers, I have tried to perfect the first draft and write everything complete. However, that just limits the potential of my papers. Stefani’s draft shows the sole purpose of writing a first draft, which is to get everything and anything out. If an idea pops into your mind, just write it out. Get it onto paper.


2 Responses to “Love Burns-Draft 1”

  1. cwpingel Says:

    I totally agree with you on your statement that trying to perfect the first draft of a paper limits the potential of the paper. Throughout high school i always used to stress myself out trying to make my papers the best they could in my first draft. Then we would get them back to revise I wouldn’t know how to improve or fix my paper because I had already put so much pressure on myself and taken so long to write this first draft that I didn’t want to have to change anything. Now I know that first drafts are just for getting all your thoughts out and perfecting is for later.

  2. danahws Says:

    I like your response to Burning Love Draft 1. Stefani did write a terrible first draft and reading the draft also made me realize how perfect I was trying to make my first draft. Reading your response makes me feel more guilty about my second drafts because my crots do not flow but are all over the place just in Stefani’s first draft. Good response.

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