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Albrecht Durer, Self Portraits at Ages 22, 26, and 28 January 11, 2010

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Albrecht Durer’s self-portraits show him at the ages of 22, 26, and 28. The first portrait, it’s seen that Durer still has young facial features and appears to be timid and shy. In his hands, he is holding what looks like a small plant and is looking out the corners of his eyes. The second portrait, he is seen slightly more confident. Durer is dressed in very elegant clothing, which could mean that he has become successful. His hands are folded and is still looking out of the corner of his eyes. The background shows a window over-looking a mountainous landscape. The last portrait, Durer is looking face forward and seems to be completely self-assured. He has definitely aged more, because of his weathered look, courser, darker hair and older features. Only one hand can be seen in the portrait.

If I were to look through my school photographs, I would most likely see myself develop through the years. My child-like facial features change to a young woman’s, new glasses, different hairstyles, and braces put on and then removed. Another thing I would notice is my smile and confidence get stronger.


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